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The success of our customers is the force that drives us forward

We bring true value to every project we take. Whether its a complete turn-key solution or just a good pierce of advice, we take everything we do with the utmost seriousness and professionalism and we work with our clients to realize, achieve and surpass their goals.

Examples of our work:


Cellomat is a platform providing complete self-service solutions for the mobile life-cycle replace and replacement market.

 In this project we took the pivotal role of designing and implementing the product strategy, the entire software cloud infrastructure, the logistics app and the customer facing kiosk and mobile app.  



A global cyber-security player, Cyberbit builds systems to detect, analyze and respond to advanced cyber threats.

We helped design and develop an advanced, tactical lawful interception system for cellular networks. We focused primarily on data management and advanced UI.



Like many technology companies, SCR took a strategic decision to bring many of their software services to the cloud. 

We helped realize and design the cloud infrastructure and took an active role in designing and developing the HealthyCow24 Web and mobile app.


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