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A Decade of Python Experience

Delivering feature-rich cloud backends for web and mobile apps

Our Expertise

At 475 Cumulus, Python is our primary programming language for building web and mobile solution backends. Our technical expertise span over a rich set of web technologies and frameworks such as Django, Flask, Tornado, Asyncio, Celery, Websockets and others. We've been building custom solutions that handle massive amounts of data with data-stores such as PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Elastic and others.

Real-Time APIs

Modern web and mobile apps require backends that expose full-duplex and easy to use APIs. 

We have extensive experience designing web APIs over a Python stack that are efficient, secure, bi-directional and adhere to industry standards.

We've been designing web APIs that are self describing, cached properly and efficient for a variety of production environments and transport protocols.

Performance & Scalability

We have extensive experience designing event-driven backends that implement an efficient concurrency model to achieve supreme performance and that can scale horizontally in a non-linear way. We leverage modern technologies to build backends that can serve millions of requests per minute

Data & Analysis

Most cloud applications require a datastore of some kind. We have extensive experience working with some of the leading data stores in the industry. Once we understand the product's requirements for data storage, retrieval and analysis, we select the appropriate SQL or NoSQL datastore. We love working with open source technlogies such as PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis and Elastic

Complex Business Logic

At 475 Cumulus we love challenges. Especially engineering challenges. We bring the most value when projects require the implementation of a complex business logic that demands original thinking and mastery of variety of technology skills. 


We love open source and we love giving back

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