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We can help you overcome challenges and seize opportunities

We work with corporate innovators to research and develop products and services that support core business needs. Our many years of experience can help you successfully realize your goals and potential and to develop software solutions that you can bring to your clients fast

Architecture & design

"The function of good software is to make the complex appear to be simple"

Grady Booch - Creator of UML

We can help you design your next cloud application. Together, we go from the very seed questions, through the technology survey and all the way to the detail planning. We will help you build your application to scale, to store huge amounts of data and to expose the relevant APIs so your users and your business partners can interact and use your application easily.

Technology is our greatest passion and we maintain a high level of expertise in various aspects of it, particularly involving cloud applications. Creating a good design can be a long and iterative process, which requires structure and patience. With a solid design we can build the best possible application to serve your customers.

Cloud Backends

"I don’t need a hard disk in my computer if I can get to the server faster. carrying around these non-connected computers is byzantine by comparison"

 - Steve Jobs

Building a cloud application can be a tough challenge. We choose to work primarily with Python and Node.js because of the ease of use, the huge ecosystem of libraries and the vast user community. 

Our expertise include:

  • Working with complex SQL and NoSQL databases

  • Building full-duplex APIs that are consumed by web and mobile applications

  • Building complex business logic and implementing domain expertise

  • Tasking, caching, throttling, indexing, aggregating, logging and monitoring - if you know what those are, you know how painful they can be

  • Deploying and scaling applications on linux appliances and containers

Javascript has become a prominent player and the most used computer language today. Web developers now lean heavily towards building backends that serve APIs rather than HTML and shift much of the application's business logic to the browser.

Javascript has transformed from a simple language that deals primarily with UI events to an environment to build large, stateful applications that run in a browser or mobile device and provide desktop-like application user experience. Good Javascript programmers now concern themselves with classic software engineering concepts like inheritance and polymorphism, references and garbage collection, data flow and design patterns. It is a whole new world for Javascript developers.

We bring many years of experience designing desktop applications, into the browser. We rely heavily on modern HTML5 technologies and Javascript libraries. Our stack is built with the popular React.js library and we incorporate the latest technologies to deliver beautiful and streamlined responsive applications that run on the desktop or mobile device.

Any application that can be written in Javascript, will eventually be written in Javascript"

Jeff Atwood - Coding Horror

Web Apps

Training & mentorship

"Adding manpower to a late software project makes it later" 


Fred Brooks - The Mythical Man-Month

Larger applications require larger teams to develop them. Building, training and mentoring a team that has all the necessary knowledge and skills can be a long and difficult process. We can help you train your developers with some of the best and most used web technologies that are applied today. From the benefits and practices of using a Javascript MVC and Flux architectures all the way to managing thousands of concurrent tasks that run every second. Before you set out to develop the next great cloud application, make sure your team has the skills to bring you there.

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